Unmasked album by OLDER 2024

New album 'UNMASKED' by OLDER available now

OLDER - Jel & Julie Legg

OLDER The Band

OLDER have a passion for producing biting social commentary that takes a hard swipe at modern life. Jel Legg & Julie Legg produce ADHD driven music that is laden with antipathy for mainstream culture and is seasoned with an alternative point of view, wrapped up in a layer of respectability. They champion the creative thinker and the under dog yapping in the wind.

Being driven by a love for high-energy alternative rock music, their productions can be both simple and cinematic while their lyrics question everything and assume nothing. As a result of never being constrained by genre their albums are accessible to a diverse audience.

The band are ambiverts living away from people in rural New Zealand, happy in their own space and never more so than in their own Studio109. When they 'go out to play' they love to hang with interesting, creative types and engage deeply. Julie and Jel have both have adult ADHD which inspires much of their  writing - Julie is also the author of The Missing Piece. Together, as OLDER, their 'inner child' is alive and well and they are proud to define their own space in the world of music.



Album Released May 2024

Unmasked by OLDER

OLDER's third studio album 'Unmasked' represents a refinement of their own style of alternative rock.

Influences from mid 70s hard rock, through to early 80s New Wave are evident but the album's writing, production and musicianship is very much in the here and now.

Lyrically all 12 songs are inspired by OLDER's world-view living with adult ADHD, though the songs are equally relatable to everyone.





Drop them a line - they don't bite. Much. Alternatively email them on band@older.co.nz.

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