2020 has been one hell of a year and its far from over. The fallout and changes will reverberate for years to come. Many people just carry on as though nothing has changed, but it has. Life has switched from one state to another, from before to after. This instrumental is our aural and visual reflection on the emotion of these days for us.


It's taken us 35 years, multiple bands, projects, songs and way too many late nights mixing & drinking to finally release an album!
And here it is: 'SILENCE' a collection of our favourite songs from the last four years.

OLDER 'Silence' - The album

SILENCE by OLDER Released 1st May 2019

Somewhere along the way we didn't get the memo about being too old to do this kind of music. As a result, instead of going on cruises in Florida, we produce biting music that is laden with antipathy for the ordinary and delivers social commentary seasoned with a dash of anarchy that takes a hard swipe at modern life. We reject most main stream ideology equally, champion the creative thinker and the under-dog yapping in the wind.

Many musicians struggle with being boxed in a genre and we are much the same. Labels really are social constructs that mean little. We are driven by the original classic Punk attitude but that doesn't mean our music has to fit that descriptor. If you are familiar with The Damned's 'Strawberries' album you'll know what we mean. We write in any style. The only rule is we have to like it. We've drawn on 40 years of influence - ours is not an original sound, it's just a big mash-up of so many moments and that's how we like it. Much of the time the result has a retro New-Wave/ Post-Punk vibe but you can be the judge of that. It is whatever it wants to be, whatever you make of it.


We get our kicks from observational writing - questioning everything and assuming nothing. It's the foundation for our anarchic mindsets, but we are nice people, really.

We are true ambiverts; we live away from people in rural New Zealand, happy in our own space, but when we 'come out to play' we love to hang with interesting, creative types and engage deeply. We are the oddballs that never quite grew up, never quite fitted in and didn't like being one of the crowd. Our 'inner child' is alive and well - often laughing at the wrong time and seeing life for how pompous it can be.

If you are like us then we hope you enjoy our music. It's for people like you. Sometimes it thrashes, sometimes it chills. ALWAYS it is honest, never constrained by what we are told is should be, so you never know what's coming next.

Lots of Love OLDER xxx