20 Years Old

January 24th, 2016

We’re not. We’re OLDER.

But I’M SORRY was written half a lifetime ago by Jel and we thought we’d give it a brush down and shine up a few edges.

One of the slower, more methodical songs you will probably hear from us, it was written – yes, before the internet. Maybe I need to write a letter…maybe I need to make a call.  Shocking as it may seem, we used to do that sort of stuff.

Jel reckoned he was never much of a lyricist but he wrote hefty amounts throughout his musical life.  Although Julie and Jel where in a band together some 20 years ago, so he wasn’t sorry about Julie, just saying. 

Nor was he sorry about violins. Nor the gloriously freaky sound of a distorted theremin (which makes Jel a thereminist). We love them both.

Our Studio#2 set up was working well but we decided we needed a dedicated vocal booth away from road noise, annoying dogs and barking neighbours, so we set one up in the larder. Yes, with tins of sardines and bags of flour. After all, the odds of Julie cooking beans and recording at the same time were minimal. We had no intention of swinging the cat in there any time soon either.

Did we say we bought a do-up? Well, the booth (aka the pantry) seemed the best place to start renos. The false ceiling was gutted, panel walls installed, sound deadening – the lot. A few coats of paint and Bob’s ya Uncle. Ahh, that sounds so simple. It wasn’t.

In order to feed the mic and feedback cables through the wall they had to bypass a hallway, a brick chimney (blind) with a coathanger, piece of string and gaffer tape. Anyway, a cracking booth. We’re chuffed.


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