Bells & Whistles

October 14th, 2017

Finally we’re proud to go live on our website – yep, if you’re reading this then everything has gone to plan.

We’ve been writing and producing music for the past few years together as OLDER and the number of tracks have crept up on us. We thought it was about time we released an album, or a ‘collection’, which we are working on now. Getting the housekeeping in order was equally important so we thought we’d behave and get the website up first.

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Farewell the quarter acre dream

October 13th, 2017

We live rural. We didn’t used to.

We lived in 1/8th acre yard (500+sqm plot of land) in suburban Auckland. We had a veggie plot, around 15 fruit trees and ditched the cars in the driveway to make way for a workshop to build things ‘n stuff.

A year ago when we sold up and moved down country. We’d written and produced Banshee on the cusp of a revelation, as with many of our tracks, an audio diary of what was happening in our heads. Our heads are very busy so it take a bit to break through into song!

Bear with us…

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