Silence Album Photo Shoot

May 20th, 2019

We had a blast at a local old rail line near Huntly taking photos among the decay and rust! It was a perfect backdrop for the vibe we were looking for.

Huge thanks to Brian Smith for these photos – Brian you are a star! Drop him a line of you’re looking for photos for yourself …


May 1st 2019 marked the release of our debut album 'Silence' for sale online, and available through all the major streaming services. The CD is planned to be released over Winter 2019.

It's been an amazing four-year journey of writing & recording far more songs than were needed, so in the end we had to cut it down to our 15 favourite songs. Each represents a subject dear to our hearts and collectively they fit together as a cohesive work spanning all our styles and moods. People rarely listen to albums from start to end in the digital age but if you do we hope you find, like others, that it's a 'grower'. After a few spins people have said they get it and that's how we like it. Sometimes tracks that grab you instantly don't stand the test of time.

One comment that has stood out is that we are 'social commentators' - this is a huge accolade for us because that's exactly how we see our songs.

We've written much about the release on our album page and on the various sites that host the album. For here, and now, we just have a big thank you to Cindy & Dell who have celebrated, with us, our madness and unconventional ways. Perhaps we are just 'chips off the old block'. Those moments you asked, encouraged & just said something, anything meant the world to us. Now this will be odd, but the biggest thanks go to 'us' for not giving up, for refusing to act our age, for sticking our necks out and just 'doing it'. Now you go do the same!!

Read more about the album here with BUY links.

Love OLDER xx

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