Day 21 into self isolation

March 18th, 2020

CoronavirusMonths ago we decided to call our second album ‘Breakout’ little knowing we’d end up in the middle of a breakout of a pandemic that has changed the world more than any event for generations.

We’re going to share our journey, as much for prosperity as anything and maybe to raise some smiles.

Here we are, 21 days into our self-imposed self-isolation. Three weeks ago to the day we met and chatted for ages with someone at a party who had been on the same flight to NZ as the first confirmed case in our lovely country. It was only two days later we realised (as no doubt they did too). It was a passing encounter, the type we all have so many times. A stranger with engaging conversation, an interesting story, here only briefly, then due to fly out the next day. We had no way of knowing how close they had been to the confirmed case on the flight so we could only assume we were at risk.

No one would phone us to check; no one could trace that depth of contact. Three weeks ago at the end of February 2020 the world outside of China had yet to feel the huge impact of Coronavirus so no one in NZ really cared. We did though.

We made the simple call to stay at home for 14 days. It was easy – we are rural and work from home. Though we had never had home-deliveries of groceries, instead driving a 40Km round trip to town to stock up, we were amazed to find the Countdown van was happy to trundle all the way to us. Family and friends were asked to stay away and all understood.

We invest a lot energy trying to ‘stay ahead of the curve’. It’s not that tricky if you look at the world with the alternative lens we wear, and make sure to read lots of balanced reporting from around the globe. Small events extrapolate into larger ones. The world divides into those stocked up on fear and those laughing in the face of adversity. We sit in the middle –  cautious yet hopeful, trusting yet deeply cynical and always pragmatic. Life is a set of odds – we play hard and take a lot of risks in return for huge results on the wheel of fun but this event is not one that offers any reward for venture.

On day 21 we have decided to lock down and stay home for the duration. It could be months. Baring any accident or emergency we have no intention of leaving this sanctuary and only the fleeting appearance of a passing tradie or delivery driver will shatter our solitude.

The world has already, and will continue to change beyond our collective imagination. We will all come back to a new normal but it will not be the same as the old normal. We embrace change because that is what we must all do to survive, whether literally or metaphorically.

So here we are, Day 21, 20 cases reported, and the draw bridge is up.




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