It started with a riff

November 10th, 2015

Well, that’s how Jel recalls it. SLOW BLINK is our first track together as OLDER.

For months we’ve enjoyed the studio, fondly referred to as ‘the bunker’ as it’s housed in a freshly renovated downstairs room; a small room with no external windows and a little spooky.

During renovations we’d found a large plastic jar of intravenous needles hidden in the rafters…and the empty shotgun cartridges that appear every few months outside our door…that probably got the imagination going too. Not that it stops us spending hours there every evening making music.

We’d been playing around with a few single notes Julie had plucked out on an old acoustic, then came the riff.

JEL on the music: I imagined an isolated town dying on its feet with a single woman living there, no chance of meeting someone locally; going to the city on a mission to find someone and having no luck; always waking up in a retched lonely place. Think Alaska. Think tumbleweed.

JULIE on the lyrics: This one was inspired by a film script, not one inparticular. Regardless of the storyline, there seemed a lot to say through a camera lens: the panning, the fading down, the odd comment thrown in by the director, the strange and incidental angles the camera picks up in an art house film. Yep, weird. I know.

So that was how SLOW BLINK came about. 

Not ‘punk’ as you’ll find how we’ve gravitating too next, but ‘punk’ in doing things a bit different. Go figure.


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