Less Ordinary

December 26th, 2015

Being ordinary bores us. We try to go there as little as possible.

… but at times we smile and nod only in the clear knowledge that we can always rely on insanity to keep things real.

Insanity – like selling a perfectly adequate house (goodbye The Bunker) a buying a 90 year old bungalow with original un-insulated walls that smelled like boiled cabbage. It has a backyard though of particularly well composted soil. Noted. Old punks never die, they just move to the country and grow veges. It isn’t the country. That’s the next step. For now, it’s smack in the middle of suburbia. Er, well.

The studio was packed up and reassembled in the lounge a few months back. Out went the TV (not that we watched it anyway, that’s the most boring piece of technology of the 20th century). The leather lounge suite was given away, no room for that either. It was already 30 years old, still had life in it yet.

The studio is cracking. Love it.

We have a new year’s resolution. We’ve decided that writing and producing shouldn’t be just something we ‘fit in’ to life as that is ridiculously lame, so we’re making a conscious effort to release a new song every month — and not just limited to one. Lyrics, sounds and inspiration seem to be oozing out of every pore. Going to be a fun 2016!

The song?

Life can be as ordinary as you want it, or not. It’s an interesting one: the precarious situations you find yourselves in, the dullards you encounter, those that blow you away, those with limited personality. You know the type. And if you didn’t before, they are good to take note of for future reference.

When all is said and done, you know who you are and who you aren’t. Some of us choose to life a life less ordinary than others.

LIFE LESS ORDINARY is a cheeky jab at life and relationships and stuff.

PS: Inspired by Sleeper, Julie made Jel add dinky ‘ticky-tick-tick’ sticks. He snuck it in the second verse. Her favourite part.


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