Things are happening in monumental proportions around the globe and it seems many look out their window and observe. They twitch their curtains and, like the dumbed down reality of television broadcast to billions, while on their very doorstep they choose not to see it. You see "things happen to other people, in other neighbourhoods, in other countries". 

Out of pure frustration APATHY highlights the mellow many, those that have become numb to their own emotions and who fail to have an opinion. Meanwhile a 'revolution' takes place. 

It's a raw song - we don't believe in endless production.

Released 15 June 2017



There is no next time, maybe
No cheap cigar tricks baby
You lay like rigamortus
Has already set in

Where is your voice of change
Your call to rearrange
Your lack of roar is booming
Your end of life is looming

Your silence drowns the thunder
The storm will take you under
Resist the urge to cower
You have the key to power

Rise up and make those choices
Inhale your inner voices
Awake the sleeping dogs
Unleash the demagogues

Apathy breeds apathy, apathy

Your pulse is barely beating
A soul that's past retreating
No maybe, if and when
This is your carpe-deim

The air is charged with changes
The static rearranges
Your mind is past dialating
Too late for contemplating

The rage has split the street
Close curtains be descrete
Head down and blinkered eyes
Your choice, you're paralysed

Uprising, warnings posted
All indolence is noted
Your conscience, absolution
Now comes revolution

Apathy breeds apathy, apathy
C'est la vie is not for me



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