Creatives think differently. This is a blessing and a curse as it means much of the time they go about their life being misunderstood or just considered a bit 'out there'. Like-minded others get us, most people don't. 

It's a beautiful, frustrating and exceptionally short life.  We plan to wring out every second, as we have done for the seconds that precede this moment. Our lifetime (however long that may be) is a pimple on the arse of our planet. Yet, we are alive and have an opportunity to live it in the way we choose to -- something we remind ourselves daily.  NOT LIKE ME was written some 20 years ago but is as relevant today as it was then, if not more.

Released 4 September 2016


Not like me, Not like me

Nothing stands the test of time and
In the end what's yours is mine
Only those who run like me
Know the visions that I see

Few of us are made to find
Higher plains of any kind
Think beyond the garden wall and
See the stars begin to fall

Not like me, Not like me

Nothing built will last forever
Drift apart or come together
Nothing comes to those who wait
Tomorrow's chances are too late

Every day brings strength of mind
The years are leaving you behind
I won't rest until I'm whole
Body, mind, aching soul

Not like me, Not like me

Never sought for second best
Never found the time to rest
Never closed my eyes to change
Always looked to rearrange

Nothing matters more these days
I have tried the other ways
Drifters cloud the way you see
Maybe you are not like me

Not like me, Not like me, Not like me, Not like me


Not Like Me is available as a single or on the SILENCE album.

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