How well do you know your friends and family? More to the point how well do they know you? In our experience hardly at all. The real 'us' is danced around in conversations that ask all the regular questions but none that actually matter, none that get to the heart of us. Our true selves is ignored.

It's OK, we are creatives so we are used to it. Creatives have thick skins, they need them. We celebrate life and have the kind of adventures few can imagine. Ours is a rich life full of stuff we share, do and feel between us.

But we know we are fortunate. Not everyone has someone in their lives who 'gets them'. Without each other we'd be lost. And there is the problem ... so many people are lost and so many people unknown, lonely in a crowd, internally at complete odds with their external appearances. This song is for them.

In NZ our driving standards are about as bad as it gets in the Western world. We are, on the whole shit drivers & our road deaths attest to it; statistically twice as bad as the UK and there are some idiots there too. Yet in NZ more people die through suicide a year than on our roads. People living in Silence. That's simply shocking.

Our society is polar, uncaring, cold and poisoned by endless advertising that is designed to make you want or need more. We are fed stereotypical visions of what makes a real man or woman which all are false. Our media is fake; how we are encouraged to see ourselves through it is fake. To survive this myriad of meaningless diatribe needs strength of character that is testing for the most stable of minds. We need to break the silence. We need to talk, screw what other people think, screw their judgements. Open up.

No more Silence.

Released 28 August 2018


What will you say,
As ashes blow away
And you file outside into the autumn air
He lived a simple life?
A garden and a wife?
And as the silence screams

You just stare
You see through me

Such simple words
Seems so absurd
Yet the price of love is more than you can bear
Your heart is caged in steel
You can't afford to feel
And as the silence screams

You just stare
You see through me

In your life you cast your shadow over me
Why won't you see?
Moments wasted on the hope of so much more
You see through me

In my life I've lived in shadows cast by yours
Fell between the cracks, ignored
I sing my song for you and open up my heart
You see through me

What will you write
With your hindsight
Did you take the time to learn enough to share?
What will you send
A stand in for a friend
And as the silence screams

You just stare
You see through me

Silence - OLDER



Silence is available as a single or on the SILENCE album.

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