Album fillers - or interludes as they are known in fancy circles - we love them! Sometimes they are the highlights of an album - between tracks, or hidden a couple of minutes after the last song has finished. This is the first of many we intend to write - Vanilla - a bit over produced perhaps (it's really hard not to!) but short and sweet all the same. No one does vanilla in this exciting world, right?

Released 13 September 2017


Give me chocolate, raspberry sorbet - hey
Give me sprinkles, crunchy praline - hmm
But where I draw the line though
Where people queue and flock go
I just don't do vanilla

Waffle cone. the shape don't matter - no
On a stick, or laid on a platter - hmm
Dress it up any way you choose
I got the bruise to prove it
I just don't do vanilla

Lips go numb, brain freeze
Sticky fingers, wobbly knees
Change the menu please

I just don't do vanilla

Vanilla - OLDER


Vanilla is available as a single or on the SILENCE album.

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