News round up May 2021

May 8th, 2021

No matter how much music we write and record we are complete slackers when it comes to adding news here. So it is a year has passed and we have been silent.

A quick round up then. We have been busy getting our second album completed – 12 songs, as originally envisaged, all wrapped up under ‘HUMAN+’ It could end up being 13, there is one that we love but is not in keeping with the rest of the album … oh the choices.

This album is far more of a collection of album tracks – most are still under 3 minutes but none are made to be ‘radio friendly’ simply because there are no radio stations in NZ playing our kind of music. Come to think of it there are no bands in NZ playing our kind of music…

It would be fair to say we are crap at promoting ourselves but also it would be fair to say that when you’re swimming against the tide there’s little point in worrying about making headway.

So in 12 months we’ve released 4 songs, 3 videos and have another song and video ready to go and at least 2 more in the wings. You can find the videos here. 

And here are the songs:

Maybe - OLDER


'Maybe' is the 4th release from the upcoming 2021 album 'HUMAN+' by OLDER. The theme throughout the album is one ...
Human by OLDER


'Human' is the title track from the upcoming 2021 album 'HUMAN+' by OLDER. For many people, especially those living in ...
Underground by OLDER


'Underground' is the first single released upcoming 2021 album 'HUMAN+' by OLDER. The song was recorded and the video filmed ...

2020 – The year of the Switch

November 26th, 2020

2020 has been one hell of a year and its far from over. The fallout and changes will reverberate for years to come. Many people just carry on as though nothing has changed, but it has. Life has switched from one state to another, from before to after. This instrumental is our aural and visual reflection on the emotion of these days for us.


Day 30 – Living in Level 4

March 27th, 2020

We’re 2 days into the nation-wide State of Emergency or Level 4 lock-down and 30 days into our self-imposed isolation. 386 cases and rising fast now testing is being rolled out …

We have been very busy with work, which we are grateful for, but it has masked the impact of what is a new reality for many, many people.

Officially another 26 days of this but we’re perfectly sure we’re looking at 3 to 4 months & are prepared psychologically for it. You all know much has changed in a week since we last blogged – your world, the world, it’s changing by the hour. There is probably no one who can keep up with it all, except the first few stopped by the police who claimed not to be aware of the lock-down. It’s a testament to our police force that they were not summarily executed on the spot for stupendous ignorance or the plain affront to insult the officer’s intelligence.

Many heart-warming moments and many not so. Not so, the photo of the OLDER gentleman in the UK looking at his shopping list while surrounded by empty shelves. Heart warming and thoroughly deserved was the UK’s round of applause for the NHS staff. It has been a life-long held view of ours that to under-pay and under-value anyone in the medical profession is a mark of a failed Government and failed society. If our leaders do not learn to do better in the future they should be removed from office.

Top of our minds this week has been the idea of BV & AV – Before Virus & After Virus. The old world has gone and the new one, for those of us who see it, simply has to be different with different values. Already we have identified people from the old world we won’t be bothering with in the new. We get through this holding onto the hope that we will be free again to meet wonderful new people who value life after this. It has to be different; it has to clear-out the ills of the old one and reset. With most of our freedom gone we will take to it’s return with absolute abandon to live not just each day, but each hour like it’s the last.

To be clear, we fully support this hard shut-down. We wished for it long before it was implemented – simply because the sooner we are through it the sooner we are out of it and the more chance you, and we, have to survive.

Practically there are some big issues to urgently sort out – our army needs to get involved with food distribution because, despite the hard work of supermarket employees, the logistics skills of their senior managers are not up to scratch. An educated chap in the UK put it simply – it is unfair to expect supermarkets to manage rationing & for the public to self ration. It didn’t work in either of the World Wars & won’t work now. Up till now we have stayed safe by ordering food online but that system has crashed so we are forced to go out to shop. In other countries it has been identified as a way to spread the virus and risk supermarket workers and customers. If it means rationing and weekly deliveries … bring it on. Anything to avoid going out & mixing with the virus, or spreading it.

We’re abandoned Netflix to ration internet bandwidth. Us rural folks on 4G get a pitiful 120Gb a month to live off. Spark were kind enough to help early on by saying they would do F-all to support rural home-workers – use it all and lose it all. When this is over we’ll shove their caps where the sun don’t shine. Now we are video conferencing everyday and sucking up way too much news of the biggest event of our lives we have had to dust-off the DVD collection for that last 30 minutes of the day before crashing. Ashes To Ashes this week – as dose of Gene Hunt is just what the doctor ordered.

So, here we are in isolation listening to the radio each day and hanging onto news like the next meal. Come rush-hour the national broadcast gives way to regional traffic. The usual roads in Hamilton are busy with heavy traffic. And then we wonder why – aren’t we in a lock down? Do all our nurses and other emergency services clock off at 5pm? Of is it just a prerecorded broadcast set to report the same thing everyday, because in the BV world it was the same thing everyday? Then the adverts come on enticing us to events that are cancelled and sales in shops that are closed. Perhaps some people have listened and rushed out to buy that new washing machine before the deal is over.

But best of all the advert for a local real estate agent – ‘2020 – You couldn’t have picked a better year to sell your property with prices rising fast.’ Sureal, like much of this.

In the meantime we continue to write & record vocals. Incredibly unimportant in the scheme of things, but if we give up our art then the virus has won and we can’t have that.

Stay safe, Love OLDER x



Day 21 into self isolation

March 18th, 2020

CoronavirusMonths ago we decided to call our second album ‘Breakout’ little knowing we’d end up in the middle of a breakout of a pandemic that has changed the world more than any event for generations.

We’re going to share our journey, as much for prosperity as anything and maybe to raise some smiles.

Here we are, 21 days into our self-imposed self-isolation. Three weeks ago to the day we met and chatted for ages with someone at a party who had been on the same flight to NZ as the first confirmed case in our lovely country. It was only two days later we realised (as no doubt they did too). It was a passing encounter, the type we all have so many times. A stranger with engaging conversation, an interesting story, here only briefly, then due to fly out the next day. We had no way of knowing how close they had been to the confirmed case on the flight so we could only assume we were at risk.

No one would phone us to check; no one could trace that depth of contact. Three weeks ago at the end of February 2020 the world outside of China had yet to feel the huge impact of Coronavirus so no one in NZ really cared. We did though.

We made the simple call to stay at home for 14 days. It was easy – we are rural and work from home. Though we had never had home-deliveries of groceries, instead driving a 40Km round trip to town to stock up, we were amazed to find the Countdown van was happy to trundle all the way to us. Family and friends were asked to stay away and all understood.

We invest a lot energy trying to ‘stay ahead of the curve’. It’s not that tricky if you look at the world with the alternative lens we wear, and make sure to read lots of balanced reporting from around the globe. Small events extrapolate into larger ones. The world divides into those stocked up on fear and those laughing in the face of adversity. We sit in the middle –  cautious yet hopeful, trusting yet deeply cynical and always pragmatic. Life is a set of odds – we play hard and take a lot of risks in return for huge results on the wheel of fun but this event is not one that offers any reward for venture.

On day 21 we have decided to lock down and stay home for the duration. It could be months. Baring any accident or emergency we have no intention of leaving this sanctuary and only the fleeting appearance of a passing tradie or delivery driver will shatter our solitude.

The world has already, and will continue to change beyond our collective imagination. We will all come back to a new normal but it will not be the same as the old normal. We embrace change because that is what we must all do to survive, whether literally or metaphorically.

So here we are, Day 21, 20 cases reported, and the draw bridge is up.




Muzic Net NZ 5 Star Review!

June 21st, 2019

Awesome review of ‘SILENCE’ the album in

This duo has ethos which fits in perfectly with their anarchist punk sounding lyrics “they reject most mainstream ideology” and have in the past been described as “social commentators”. Oh boy do they have a solid punk rock sound to back up those no bull lyrics. There is an obvious classic UK punk influence invading their music lending to the energetic, bold and full bodied sound. Resisting all things wrong with modern life never sounded so good. With gritty and honest cross-generational lyrics, Older should appeal to a varied range of listeners. The lyrics are a worldly-wise hard-hitting wakeup call, which are laced with rebellion. A total breathe of fresh air and perhaps slightly tongue in cheek. Superbly creative and intelligent song writing.

Read the full review here.


Silence Album Photo Shoot

May 20th, 2019

We had a blast at a local old rail line near Huntly taking photos among the decay and rust! It was a perfect backdrop for the vibe we were looking for.

Huge thanks to Brian Smith for these photos – Brian you are a star! Drop him a line of you’re looking for photos for yourself …


May 1st 2019 marked the release of our debut album 'Silence' for sale online, and available through all the major streaming services. The CD is planned to be released over Winter 2019.

It's been an amazing four-year journey of writing & recording far more songs than were needed, so in the end we had to cut it down to our 15 favourite songs. Each represents a subject dear to our hearts and collectively they fit together as a cohesive work spanning all our styles and moods. People rarely listen to albums from start to end in the digital age but if you do we hope you find, like others, that it's a 'grower'. After a few spins people have said they get it and that's how we like it. Sometimes tracks that grab you instantly don't stand the test of time.

One comment that has stood out is that we are 'social commentators' - this is a huge accolade for us because that's exactly how we see our songs.

We've written much about the release on our album page and on the various sites that host the album. For here, and now, we just have a big thank you to Cindy & Dell who have celebrated, with us, our madness and unconventional ways. Perhaps we are just 'chips off the old block'. Those moments you asked, encouraged & just said something, anything meant the world to us. Now this will be odd, but the biggest thanks go to 'us' for not giving up, for refusing to act our age, for sticking our necks out and just 'doing it'. Now you go do the same!!

Read more about the album here with BUY links.

Love OLDER xx

OLDER 'Silence' - The album



We have had the best of weekends filming an awesome new professional video for ‘Silence’ with professionals Jared, Guillaume, Duli, Isa, Sarah & Sam!

We first contacted Jared Jones who, as a Director Of Photography, had some concepts for a music video that needed a soundtrack. ‘Silence’ fitted and we loved his idea so it was a great mutual opportunity to work together. Jared brought in the team – Director Guillaume Arnoulet, Camera Assistant Duli Gunasekera, First Assistant Director Sam Skeath, Makeup Artist Isa Lilai and Runner Sarah Dunn. 

The team were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were consummate professionals but also knew how to have fun. For 48 hours the house was buzzing with the energy of true creatives. Every shot presented a challenge and every solution was a collaboration of imaginations working towards the same goal. In the downtime guitars, drums and a ukulele were played and songs sung. The spa was full, food was plentiful and whiskey flowed. This was the perfect world for us.

We won’t say exactly how the video will unfold but it will be laden with bleak and dramatic scenes – our makeup is post-apocalyptic and the subject matter is dark.


In it for the money?

May 1st, 2018

There’s a bit of an odd idea that musicians have always been worshiped and capable of making fortunes …. well not quite.

Wind the clock back before rock’n’roll corrupted youth in the 1950’s and popular music started to throw up stars, and you’ll find few big names with big fortunes. It wasn’t that long ago that talented musicians were no more than servants hired for an evening to entertain the wealthy’s party guests. Socially they were somewhere between chamber maids and butlers, but closer to chamber maids. To declare aspirations to be a paid virtuoso was not exactly a career move and in the the higher echelons of society it would have been positively disgraceful. 

The rock or pop star as we know them has been just a transitory blip in what has been centuries of disdain for the worth of both music and musicians. From the minstrels of medieval courts to vaudeville and then the incredible talent of silent film pianists, musicians have always been poor and undervalued. Then for a short time it changed. For those born in the 60’s most of their adult lives have been punctuated by the ‘music industry’. This phenomenon created the idea of ‘making it’ and that if neither fame nor fortune were achieved then a musician was deemed a failure. So much money was made, so much ascribed to the cult of celebrity. However, the industry was large enough and diverse enough to support far more musicians than today.

The development of the record and affordable players enabled music to be sold to the masses. Radio marketed the records. Live was special, after all there was no YouTube. But the technology of records both created and simultaneously began the end of the ‘golden era’ of music. First you paid to hear music live, then you paid to hear it at home, then technology progressed until you could hear anything anytime for free and even watch it for free. On the creative side there was a filtering system so only bands of worth recorded because it was expensive. Technology changed that. Punk started the real demise of the music industry and the internet finished it off.

At first the internet was very exciting for the early adopters. I was part of a panel in the UK in the early 2000’s that advised musicians on how to promote their music online & make money. This was before YouTube and Facebook – it was the days of MySpace. Bands had real opportunity but wind forward to 2018 and Facebook, the biggest Social network online, has sucked up audiences and destroyed the ability to reach out to fans. They force you to spend money to reach people then charge you money to send posts to the very people who want to hear from you. This is the stuff of postage and envelopes not the freedom of the internet. We are back to the pre-internet days in terms of marketing. Now, more than ever, you need money and lots of it to reach people on or offline. 

Yes, now we can all record our own music, though its not as easy to do as some would have you believe. We can upload to endless websites and there is sits lost in a sea of brilliance and, well … the not so good.

New Zealand has one of the highest ratio of radio stations per population and yet many still play tired old playlists with little support for local independent artists. The biggest exception is National Radio who are brilliant at introducing unknown artists yet how many music buying fans make up their audience? It’s public radio at its best but lost on those who wouldn’t be seen dead listening to it.

In the end music is of huge spiritual value but little financial value. Today young people simply do not expect to pay for it, and so artists can not expect to make a living from it. It’s gone back to the days prior to the 1950s. You could say ‘pop ate itself and crapped itself out’.

So are we in it for the money? No, absolutely not. And more fool anyone entering what’s left of the music business to make money. We do however want an audience. We know there are a lot of people out there who would enjoy our music but reaching them is proving impossible without big marketing budgets – and that was never what Punk was about. But onwards we go, hand-in-hand with some awesome folks around us as equally passionate about their art as us. And that’s what it comes down to … ART.


Bells & Whistles

October 14th, 2017

Finally we’re proud to go live on our website – yep, if you’re reading this then everything has gone to plan.

We’ve been writing and producing music for the past few years together as OLDER and the number of tracks have crept up on us. We thought it was about time we released an album, or a ‘collection’, which we are working on now. Getting the housekeeping in order was equally important so we thought we’d behave and get the website up first.

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