Less Ordinary

December 26th, 2015

Being ordinary bores us. We try to go there as little as possible.

… but at times we smile and nod only in the clear knowledge that we can always rely on insanity to keep things real.

Insanity – like selling a perfectly adequate house (goodbye The Bunker) a buying a 90 year old bungalow with original un-insulated walls that smelled like boiled cabbage. It has a backyard though of particularly well composted soil. Noted. Old punks never die, they just move to the country and grow veges. It isn’t the country. That’s the next step. For now, it’s smack in the middle of suburbia. Er, well.

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It started with a riff

November 10th, 2015

Well, that’s how Jel recalls it. SLOW BLINK is our first track together as OLDER.

For months we’ve enjoyed the studio, fondly referred to as ‘the bunker’ as it’s housed in a freshly renovated downstairs room; a small room with no external windows and a little spooky.

During renovations we’d found a large plastic jar of intravenous needles hidden in the rafters…and the empty shotgun cartridges that appear every few months outside our door…that probably got the imagination going too. Not that it stops us spending hours there every evening making music.

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