"I have long admired the song writing and sound that Older create, it’s got a raw energetic vibe combined with wonderfully constructed words that don't pull any punches." .... "Talkback, Coffee and Maybe deliver a dynamic and catchy sound mixed with sublimely creative musical storytelling" ... "HUMAN+ is a wonderfully creative album offering a different perspective on the world we currently live in. It is well crafted and captured my interest from the very beginning. Older are possibly my favourite Kiwi Post Punk band, and they have managed to combine multiple genres on this album which is fresh and interesting whilst still delivering a nostalgic sound."

Corinne Rutherford, November 2021 - Read full review


"This duo has ethos which fits in perfectly with their anarchist punk sounding lyrics “they reject most mainstream ideology” and have in the past been described as “social commentators”. Oh boy do they have a solid punk rock sound to back up those no bull lyrics. There is an obvious classic UK punk influence invading their music lending to the energetic, bold and full bodied sound. Resisting all things wrong with modern life never sounded so good."

Corinne Rutherford, June 2019 - Read full review


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