Professional ‘Silence’ video filmed!

April 15th, 2019

We have had the best of weekends filming an awesome new professional video for ‘Silence’ with professionals Jared, Guillaume, Duli, Isa, Sarah & Sam!

We first contacted Jared Jones who, as a Director Of Photography, had some concepts for a music video that needed a soundtrack. ‘Silence’ fitted and we loved his idea so it was a great mutual opportunity to work together. Jared brought in the team – Director Guillaume Arnoulet, Camera Assistant Duli Gunasekera, First Assistant Director Sam Skeath, Makeup Artist Isa Lilai and Runner Sarah Dunn. 

The team were an absolute pleasure to work with. They were consummate professionals but also knew how to have fun. For 48 hours the house was buzzing with the energy of true creatives. Every shot presented a challenge and every solution was a collaboration of imaginations working towards the same goal. In the downtime guitars, drums and a ukulele were played and songs sung. The spa was full, food was plentiful and whiskey flowed. This was the perfect world for us.

We won’t say exactly how the video will unfold but it will be laden with bleak and dramatic scenes – our makeup is post-apocalyptic and the subject matter is dark.


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