This duo has ethos which fits in perfectly with their anarchist punk sounding lyrics “they reject most mainstream ideology” and have in the past been described as “social commentators”. Oh boy do they have a solid punk rock sound to back up those no bull lyrics. There is an obvious classic UK punk influence invading their music lending to the energetic, bold and full bodied sound. Resisting all things wrong with modern life never sounded so good. June 2019 - Read full review

This duo have everything that makes them a point of difference. Not only do they have years of experience in what they do as professional musicians, they also sound fresh and biting as ever. Jules' voice is dynamic and those harmonies are to die for!! Jel's musicianship is tight and spot on. They also have great lyrics and interesting subject matters. Definitely a band to follow. I suggest you all check them out.

NZ Fan feedback

You crazy kids have farking nailed what it is to be real. The reviews are bang on. You have freshened my incentive for expressing who and why I am. Well done. Luvit... Splashing your name across the universe....can't get enough.....why are my eyes leaking?

Australian Fan feedback

Hi, I read Corinne’s review which in turn made me want listen to the album.... well I listened to it and it’s great, I loved it, favourite songs on first listen are Crown and Perfect. Thank you.

NZ Fan feedback

I can relate perfectly to your bio. Top class songwriting in every department . Also love the video for Silence, great visuals.

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